Norms Expert Spot Removal

Spot removal Wayne ILNorm’s Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet spot removal services for Wayne, Elgin, Batavia IL and surrounding communities.

We are experts at removing spots from ink, kook-aid, soda, makeup, rust and many other common household spills. Contact our office as soon as possible to schedule your appointment with the areas¬†experts at carpet spot removal, Norm’s Carpet Cleaning.



Geneva Carpet Cleaning Spot RemovalThe video below shows us in action removing a red wax spill from our customers bedroom carpet. The process requires the use of an iron and a clean white towel. The wax is drawn to the heat and absorbed into the towel. After removing all of the wax we still had to remove the red dye. Note to self: Do not leave candles burning on a 3 legged decorator table!